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Breastfeeding Photo Session-  Wicklund Photography

Breastfeeding Photo Session- Wicklund Photography

I have been sharing a few of these photos over the past week but here they all are in their beautiful, loving glory. Lowell being the 3rd I figured I had experienced it all and nursing would go smoothly. Well, he is the first baby we have had to have an actual dairy protein allergy. It is not a lactose issue but instead he is bothered by the protein in the cows milk. For 6 long months I had to eliminate all dairy from my diet. I have slowly reintroduced and now he can have cheese and yogurt in moderation, baked dairy is not longer an issue. I still haven't given him straight cow's milk. Eliminating dairy from my diet was trying and difficult for a dairy loving gal. Not to mention that the diary alternatives are expensive so I wasn't just going out and buying non-dairy cheese and non-dairy yogurt. I had to rethink how I cooked, which I know sounds dramatic but it was for me. Going out to eat was a also difficult as most of America believes butter is necessary ingredient in food. 

As a result of his diary allergy we gained weight slowly but steadily and nursed all of the time, like every hour basically. He didn't sleep through the night until after age 1. It was trying for me but also a wonderful bonding experience for us. Being the 3rd I was worried he wouldn't get the attention he needed but because of his special nursing circumstances he was certainly cuddled a lot. Changing your diet can be exhausting, and it was but the formula alternatives (non-dairy) are costly and not my idea of a good nutritional option (I am not a fan of soy for formula... I'll write an article about that another time.) 

Anyway, we are still nursing strong at 14 months old. Now, he really only nurses in the morning, before naps and before bed. I am so thankful for the breastfeeding relationships I have and I can honestly say they were the best thing I have ever had to fight for in my life. Tears have been shed with each baby as we battled different issues. Once the relationships are established and the first speed bumps driven over I love our bonding and the ease breastfeeding offers. 

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