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Breastfeeding at Disney

Disney World has done a really great job with their Baby Centers and if you happen to be near one that is my favorite place to take a break to nurse the baby. Disney is totally distracting for little ones, they really have a hard time focusing on the milk... do you blame them? It's exciting! Each park has a Baby Care Center that features a nursing room, a changing table and basic baby supplies (for a cost.) They have excellent A/C and they have a small room, usually with a TV playing Disney movies for younger ones to relax. If you aren't near a baby care center then no worries. Florida has a nifty law that protects breastfeeding mothers and allows you to fill that baby up with mommy milk wherever and whenever. Disney has a lot of benches about so find a shaded one, if you can, and take a break. If you have older kids I like to give them a snack and have them take a break with me. That way everyone has their belly filled and they stay hydrated. (I usually snack/get a drink also.)

Using a baby carrier, like a Tula or Ego, at Disney can making nursing on the go really easy... I have been known to get on a ride ("It's a Small World") just to nurse the baby. I leave the little one wrapped up in the carrier and then I enjoy the dim lighting and air conditioning. The toddler enjoys the song, "It's a small world after all..."

I have never had an issue breastfeeding public at Disney so relax and enjoy your day!

Breastfeeding Beach Session- Kelly Janseen Photography

Breastfeeding Beach Session- Kelly Janseen Photography