Financial Freedom Toddler Style

After reading up on how exactly I wanted to structure the allowance system I decided to do the 2-part system recommended by many financial experts. Each child will have general "citizens of the household" tasks plus additional jobs where they can earn money. Dave Ramsey is all the rage right now and honestly, when it comes to allowance (he calls it commission), I like his concept. We will also refer to it as commission for the future. 

Keenz 7S Stroller/ Wagon Review

The Keenz stroller (kind of a wagon) is a unique option for transporting little ones around the mall, zoo, neighborhood, ball field, beach... really you name it. I needed another stroller like I needed a hole in the head (it's a saying... don't take it too seriously.) Any-who, I had a real sh** day the end of last week. I was nursing Lowell, who had spent the better part of the day crying, perusing Facebook when all of the sudden...

DockATot Grand Review

After weeks of debate we went for it and purchased a DockATot Grand. The price tag was our biggest hold-up but our 2 yr old's constant sleep disruptions were becoming quite a disturbance. With a new baby in our 200 sq feet Airstream and a 4 yr old, besides the 2 year old we needed everyone to be getting as much sleep as possible.

Is it Monday?

Is it Monday? Yesterday, was one of those days that you wake up and wish you could start over. It was a Tuesday, not a Monday but boy did it go like a Monday. We have had our fair share of issues with the Airstream lately. If you don't know we have been living in our 30 foot Flying Cloud bunk for 1.5yrs now.