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My infant hates the car...

My infant hates the car...

I had heard other moms lament the fact that their infants hated the carseat but until Lowell I never fully understood. We took a road-trip up the east coast when Graham was 6 months old and on our longer road-trip days Graham would get fussy but we are talking HOURS in the car. Lowell, my mellow child most of the time, doesn't like anymore than 45 minutes in the car. Figuring out his ticks and what works for him has been a process. 

Over the past 3 weeks we have spent close to 40 hours in the car! (That is not including normal errands.) The first weekend was a planned road-trip to Vero Beach, Florida for a wedding. The second weekend was a run from Hurricane Nate and this last weekend was a last minute jaunt to see my mom in Tallahassee. This past weekend I FINALLY figured out his preferences for the joy ride in the car. 

Before I reveal the solutions, let me just go back to that first weekend to Vero Beach. That drive included a trip to the Tampa Bay area to visit some family before heading east. Lowell was pretty good during his normal afternoon nap time, as we left after Graham got out of school. Then, all hell broke loose. He started crying and just wouldn't stop. A total of 3 hours of Lowell crying. It broke my heart but those 3 hours included 3-4 stops specifically to try and calm him. As soon as we would stop and take him out he would calm down and be his smiley self. Then, the scoop back into the carseat sent him into a meltdown within minutes. This is when we started trying the radio: what style of music would calm him? 

We b-lined it to Bradenton for the night and made a mental note of the circumstances to try and reason a better way to road-trip with Lowell. Our drive north an hour to Seffner and then several hours east actually went pretty smoothly. The rest of our drives were sporadically upset and happy, we would pull over and make sure he was fed and dry. The best way to get our happy baby back was to just get there. 

Over the next set of roadtrips we tried driving at different hours, setting different rear air temperatures and playing different music! 

Finally, just as I was about to pull my hair out I hit the jackpot. Early Saturday morning I headed out to Tallahassee. Lowell was fast asleep when I went to put him into the car so I left him in his pajamas. Turns out he loves having his toes covered. I made sure they weren't too tight to squish his toes and buckled him up nice and snug. 

Here is the best formula to having my sweet baby Lowell happy in the car...

1. Footed pajamas

2. The air on a medium-low fan speed, pointed away from him

3. Several toys placed in his lap

4. In a convertible carseat NOT a bucket 

5. Classical Music. That's right ladies and gentlemen. He is a Sirius Symphony type of guy. 

Figuring out his formula was an important thing for this road-trip loving family. 

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