I document life chasing three young children, renovating a house, traveling in an Airstream and just being me.

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Little Loves & High School Sweethearts

Little Loves & High School Sweethearts

Since this is a blog about us it might help you to get to know who "us" is... 

My husband and I fell madly in love at 15 and 14 years old, respectively. Ok, maybe we weren't madly in love and really just became best friends but eventually we were in true love. We were "an item" throughout our high school and college years; getting hitched in 2010. 

Graham, our oldest was born in 2013. He was a plump little wide cheeked baby. 

Isla, our second was born in 2015. She was a sweet, feisty little thing born in the water. 

Lowell, our third was born in 2017. He is our April baby. The biggest at 9 lbs 8oz and so far the chillest. Third children don't really have a choice there do they? 

We had a miscarriage before all 3 of them back in 2011 that started me on my journey to having a passion about birth. My breastfeeding struggle with Graham is what led me to become a CLC and have a passion for supporting mothers and helping them reach their breastfeeding goals.

In late 2015 we decided to sell it all and travel in an Airstream. That was an adventure with 5 people in 200 sq feet.

In 2017 we decided to buy a house and "settle down" again. That house needs lots of renovations, the kids need lunch, I need to keep my sanity, hence floraltrains. Please talk to me internet. 

*Photo by Sweet Plum Photography

My infant hates the car...

My infant hates the car...

First Day of VPK

First Day of VPK