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New Year Same Jiobits - Post Christmas Routines Return

New Year Same Jiobits - Post Christmas Routines Return


Christmas break is filled with family, food and adventures. “Time flies when you’re having fun” couldn’t be more true for the those 2 weeks that break up the rest of the school year. Unlike summer there isn’t enough time to get tired of the kids always being home. You bake cookies, listen to Christmas music, open gifts and snuggle up by the fire. Sweaters and socks are a cozy addition to my everyday wear. I’m lucky being a stay home mom this time of year. My mom usually worked Christmas break, but there was never any shortage of holiday cheer and traditions.

As the weeks wind down I start to prep for the return of the school day. The kids’ bedtime needs to be pushed forward and their wake-up back to the normal 7 a.m. instead of the leisurely 7:30/8 they have recently adopted. Lunches need to be planned, backpacks cleared out. For our family that also includes making sure our Jiobits are charged and cleaned. While we used them almost everyday over break I have been the one remembering to put them on the kids. The Jiobit trackers need to go back in the bathroom, on the counter so the kids can start remembering to put them on.


For us, the Jiobit’s are an essential part of getting ready for the school day. They give me peace of mind. I have written several other posts about them (some of them sponsored posts and of some of them not.) You see, with or without the ad aspect, I love these trackers. When I send the kids off to school I can breath deeply. I get an alert if they leave the school or move outside of the boundaries I have set for them. During after school activities I know where they are and when they leave.

My children are still little, I have been open and honest with them that the small, battery sized Jiobit tracker is to help mommy keep them safe. As my oldest starts to attend birthday parties and go to friends’ houses, it is just peace for me. Not to mention that the clip is surprisingly difficult to get off. At almost 6 he still can’t get it off of his pocket without help. (To that note: I have machine washed his Jiobit several times after forgetting to check for it. It still works perfectly.)

On Monday, when I send my oldest and middle to school they will have their Jiobits on. I can reassure myself they are where they are supposed to be. I can watch them walk to the playground, or follow them on a field-trip. It’s easy, it’s small, it’s affordable.

(Related: we are going skiing again coming up in a few weeks and I will be watching my kids’ Jiobits as I ski. I am hoping it will help me find my oldest and his ski group on the mountain so I can watch him in action with his peers. I will update you after that trip. Don’t forget to follow the blog!)

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