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Beachfront Baby Wrap Review

Beachfront Baby Wrap Review


The Beachfront Baby Wrap company makes ring slings and wraps for outdoor enthusiasts. I was given the opportunity to test a wrap or ring sling of my choice. They have two different product lines: the everyday line and the mesh. I was looking for something specifically to use in the water and decided to test out the Recycled Beachfront Baby wrap made with Repreve. (DISCOUNT CODE AT BOTTOM) A few weeks before I got the opportunity to test out this wrap we were in our Airstream staying at Ft. Desoto Park in Florida. The RV spots don't have full hookups so running to the public showers everyday was a necessity. I really couldn't take Lowell because I had no place to put him down and no carrier that could get wet so bathing him was difficult. Our trips to the beach were short, and hot for me because, again, I had no way to safely and comfortably hold Lowell in, or near, the water. I was basically trapped in the beach tent.

The Beachfront Baby wrap arrived in a carry bag made out of the same fabric as the wrap: a lightweight mesh in a cool baby blue.

Recycled Beachfront Baby Wrap made with Repreve. Save the environment and have a cool wrap!When I took the wrap out and read the included directions and pamphlet on babywearing I was a little scared, to be honest. I have been an avid babywearing momma for 4.5 years, but my go-to carriers are buckle carriers. I have used a wrap in the past, when Isla (my middle child) was brand new, but it was a stretchy material and very hot so I was skeptical that I would like the Beachfront Baby wrap.

I had no memory of how to properly put a wrap on so I got to reading the Beachfront Baby Wrap instructions. They are easy to follow and include several options for carrying positions. It took me 4 separate attempts to get little Lowell into the wrap properly, but with every try I became more proficient. My first attempt at wearing him in the wrap was on a short walk along the Blue Ridge Parkway. I failed. He wasn't secure and I was very unsure. With this in mind, I highly recommend your first attempt be inside near a soft surface, but whatever you do DON'T GIVE UP!

As the old adage says, "if at first you don't succeed, try, try it in the shower!"

With all of my babies, taking them into the shower has both allowed me to shower and to calm an upset baby at the same time. It is really difficult, and unsafe to hold a baby in your arms in the shower while trying to actually shower; the soap makes things slippery. Here is where the Beachfront Baby wrap comes in. I put Lowell in the wrap and hopped into our very small RV shower (we currently live in an Airstream trailer). The wrap held L firmly in place and he loved it. He usually cries during baths, but this time he was actually laughing. The wrap is mesh so I simply washed him and myself through the wrap using baby soap.

After that success, I used the sling on several occasions down by the creek that flowed behind our campground and again at Wildcat Falls in South Carolina. I was able to be hands free to help my other little ones while also keeping Lowell comforted. If you have multiple kids and enjoy being active outdoors the Beachfront Baby wrap really comes in handy!

The wrap dried quickly and was ready to go again a few hours later. It folds up compactly into a wet bag after use so you can keep it separate from your other dry pieces of clothing. Just wring it out and hang it to dry.

While the learning curve for putting it on can be steep, the Beachfront Baby wrap is well made and ideal for water fun. It is compact enough to throw in your bag for any last minute carrier needs. It would be a great option to just keep in your car! The minimum weight is 8 lbs and the max weight is 30 lbs.

We are currently traveling in the mountains, but I can't wait to get back to Florida to try the Beachfront Baby wrap out on the beach!

If you would like to purchase your own Beachfront Baby Wrap, use discount code babiesandborders17 to receive 10% off at

This product was provided to me for free in exchange for my clear and honest review. All thoughts here are my own and have not been influenced by the company or its affiliates. 
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