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DockATot Grand Review

After weeks of debate we went for it and purchased a DockATot Grand. The price tag was our biggest hold-up but our 2 yr old's constant sleep disruptions were becoming quite a disturbance. With a new baby in our 200 sq feet Airstream and a 4 yr old, besides the 2 year old we needed everyone to be getting as much sleep as possible. To give a short backstory our 2 yr old had been moved to a full-size bed when we got the Airstream. At the time she was only 1 and the bed was huge for her. We thought the size wouldn't be an issue and she would adjust but I honestly just feel it was too much space surrounding her for her to feel comfortable. Our first step was to surround her with loose pillows, that didn't work. She would regularly wake-up screaming, sometimes 3-4 times a night. She would take hours to settle for bed and would wake up early. Our OK! To Wake Clock helped with mornings but we were clueless when it came to the middle of the night wakings and the difficult bedtime. (Our 4 yr old is a super sleeper and goes to sleep really quickly.)

Finally, we bought the DockATot Grand. After only 3 nights using it she was going to bed quickly and staying asleep! We still occasionally have a middle of the night waking but she settles much quicker. In her two year old mind the DockATot grand is a boat and the rest of her bed is water, so she must stay put. (A story our 4 yr old helped her create.)

The bottom of the DockATot is a soft, thin mattress and the walls feel like comfortable pillows just curved to create the comfortable environment. The box arrives with a piece of cardboard in the bottom to keep its shape. There is a set of buckles on the lower portion that you unsnap for sleeping and snap when transporting.


Creates a snug environment for the child.

Seems to be constructed nicely.

Helped our toddler settle for bed quicker and stay asleep longer.

Can be used as a bumper to discourage the child from rolling all around. (The sides are soft and will crush if flopped onto.)

Plenty of room to grow.

Does not heat up our toddler, breathable.


Price. You have to budget for this for sure. It isn't a thoughtless purchase.

The white fabric is easy to clean but appears dirty very quickly so I have put a blanket over it. You can get other colors but the price increases. I just tucked her top sheet over and around the DockATot to cover it.


I would purchase the DockATot Grand again. It will have a long usage life for us. If you are questioning the purchase, because of the price you can search your local area for used ones. There is also a FB group. I couldn't find any on the FB group near me and once you add shipping to the cost there wasn't any savings for me.

All of these thoughts are my own. I was not compensated by DockATot in any way. None of my suggestions for use have been evaluated for safety, use your own judgment when using this product.
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