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How to make a Belly Cast?

How to make a Belly Cast?


Make a belly cast.  How to make a belly cast? As we come to the end of our 3rd pregnancy we are at that point where we once again make a belly cast. I always do them around 37 weeks but when you do it is up to you. (The later in pregnancy the more full your belly will be.) They are super simple to make at home. My husband has done every one of ours. We usually make the cast and then we pay a local artist (Maggie Davenport in Sarasota, Florida) to paint the belly cast with a pretty scene, relating to the birth and the child.

What do I need to make a belly cast?

Supplies: Vaseline, plaster cloth strips, a bowl with water, scissors, a place to sit and a drop cloth (I used a clear plastic shower curtain.) Pictured below is what we used for plaster cloth strips. We used 2 packages. I like to put more plaster strips rather than less to make the mold stronger. I bought my supplies at Hobby Lobby this time.

(You can also buy a kit here: Proudbody Deluxe Pregnancy Belly Cast Kit)

Directions for making a Belly Cast:

  1. Gather Supplies listed above
  2. Enlist a friend to help you
  3. Cut the plaster cloth strips into manageable size strips. My husband cut short, medium and longer strips depending on what part of the belly he is going to cover with them. He cuts several small squares to cover the nipples so they blend in better.

  4. Cover a chair or bench with a plastic drop cloth or go outside (you will need to be naked.) Sit down and make yourself comfortable. We switched this stool for a chair with a back but didn't take a picture of it.

  5. Put vaseline all over the areas you will cover with the plaster cloth. Put a lot! Glob it on so it is a nice thick layer. Put extra on any hairlines and your nipples if you are covering them also. The more vaseline the better so as the plaster dries it doesn't stick to you.
  6. Fill a bowl with water and place nearby.
  7. Pull the plaster strips through the water and run your hand down the strip to get rid of excess water. Place on the belly and smooth out.

  8. Continue step #7 until your whole belly or desired area is covered with a layer. We do the belly and a sweetheart neckline. There are a lot of options on Pinterest!
  9. Continue to layer your belly with more plaster strips until you feel it getting thicker and hardening.

  10. Once the strips feel like they are drying out and hardening you can gently lift the cast off your belly and lay flat.

  11. If needed add more strips- gently because your belly isn't behind it anymore
  12. Allow to dry untouched for 48+ hours. Gently touch it to check that it has dried before moving.

You are done with the basic mold. They are beautiful as is but if you want you can sand and paint it yourself or hire someone. We have always paid someone for this phase because I am not an artist. I do know if you are going to hang it you need to reinforce the area for the ribbon before drilling holes.


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