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Toddler Party Idea- Sky Zone - Bradenton/ Sarasota, Florida

Toddler Party Idea- Sky Zone - Bradenton/ Sarasota, Florida


Sky Zone- a great place for a toddler party!

This Toddler Party Idea came courtesy of my friend, Larissa, who had her son's birthday party at Sky Zone about a year ago. We had a blast and remembered how much fun it was! She had mentioned how easy it was also but I just didn't believe it.

When we figured out that we would be back in this area shortly after the kids birthday's, both of which are in January, we starting looking at party ideas. Last year we went on Captain Memo's Pirate Ship and while that was super fun (despite the weather) it was also a big investment.

Initially, we were going to do a triple party with my nephew but we don't know the same people and the guest list was going to be huge! So, I started looking for affordable party packages that wouldn't overwhelm a 30 something week pregnant momma. Sky Zone came to mind almost immediately. They offer lots of different packages but we ultimately settled on the Toddler Time Supreme Air package. It includes 1 hour of jump time for 25 jumpers (ages 5 and under,) pizza, drinks, plates and even invitations. The only thing I had to bring was a cake and table cloths (if I wanted them.)

The day of the party I was expecting 19 jumpers, 18 ended up coming so guess what... they "downgraded" my package to the Toddler Time Super Jump Party! That's right... you only pay for the number of kids that show up. You don't have this silly 24-48 hour commitment rule. As a parent, especially to toddlers I really appreciate this feature. I cannot force someone to come and I can't keep all of the invited kids healthy.

In the end I spent just over $380 for the party. I had 2 older jumpers I paid for, who started jumping near the end of the party, when Toddler Time ended for Sky Zone. Oh, and I added a Caesar salad to the menu. I didn't have to clean up, I didn't even cut the cake. We had a great event and the kids had a blast! The process was super easy and no stress at all. I can't say enough about how helpful the staff was at the event. They set up our table cloths, took our presents upstairs, and served the pizza and drinks. It was truly a treat!

As part of the party package we get to go back and jump another time for free!

Happy jumping!

(Our Sky Zone was in Sarasota, Florida, but they are all over the place... check out their locations here.)

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