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Airstream Renovation

Airstream Renovation

Renovating an Airstream seems to be as integral to the ownership experience as boon-docking so we entrusted the addition of a washer/dryer, new cabinets, and built-in dog crate to Ultimate Airstreams in Portland, OR. We lived in Runaway Mayzie, it was our home for a year and a half. 

With our 3rd baby on the way (and our other two children ages 1 and 3) we needed to make some changes. The couch to the right of the kitchen was never used, except to hold things and more counter space was desperately needed for cooking. We had 2 dog crates on either side of our bed that were just in the way. Here was our list of problems...

  1. No washer-dryer
  2. Not enough counter space
  3. No spot for my Instapot
  4. Would like more drawers
  5. Dog crates in the way

The washer-dryer we added was a Deco Model 4000 in stainless.

Working with Ultimate Airstreams was fantastic. We dropped Runaway Mayzie off earlier than they needed so we could be settled in Wyoming while they did the renovation. They were prompt with emails, reasonable with pricing and very accommodating. 

A big thing for us was to STOP going to the laundromat all of the time. It was exhausting and time consuming. It takes forever and with 3 small kids it is inconvenient. It was was by far my least favorite part of living in an Airstream.

To maximize space we added a slide out pantry and a few extra drawers. One of the drawers is perfectly sized to hold my InstaPot! 

We have been super happy with the washer and dryer combo. We have a vented dry option or a condensing dry option on this machine. It holds a surprising amount of clothing! This machine has a 13-pound limit for washing.

Overall, the renovation was a hit! (Bonus: the counter space will be very helpful for changing baby #3 and sewing!)

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