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Canopener Rally 2018

Canopener Rally 2018

We finally attended an Airstream rally! After 18mths fulltime living in a Airstream we managed to hook up with dozens of other Airstreamers at the 2018 Canopener Rally at Topsail Hill Preserve State Park in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida! Topsail is one of the best state parks in Florida! Our spot was full hook-up and HUGE. If you don't want to spend much time at your spot then you can walk one of the many trails or take a stroll along the 3.5 miles of beach... but back to the rally!  

Airstream Neighbors

I found out about the Canopener from a random comment on Airstream Addicts Facebook page about a week-and-a-half before the event. I hopped onto Airforums to read the details and then over to Reserve America to snag a cancellation (lucky us!). We couldn't head over until later in the day on Friday so unfortunately we missed the Chili cook-off and the corn-hole tournament (next time!). It was a cold weekend so by the time we arrived everyone was settling in around their fires and into their own "tin-can's" for the night. We grabbed some dinner at Everkrisp and hit the sack.

Bear Scratches

Saturday morning we joined the group for a "breakfast with the ranger." We walked in late, but everyone was super nice and welcoming. Several of the ladies helped my husband grab plates for all of us. After the breakfast we went on a rather long "walk with a ranger." I have no idea how long the actual guided portion of the walk ended up being but my watch recorded 6.61 miles for the whole day. We met several very nice couples on our walk, one of which has been living in their Airstream for 4 years! Not only did we meet lots of Airstreamers, but we also saw bear scratches on a tree and a prickly-pear cactus (did you know we had cactus in Florida?). Graham (4) walked the whole time, just needing some motivation at the end — the promise of lunch. Lowell was in the Tula on me. Isla (2) didn't walk for a second, fell into a deep sleep in the Tula, and peed all over my husband on the walk back. Oops. 

"Bloody Saturday" was next up, featuring some very well made Bloody Mary's, complete with pickled okra and olives. While I discovered I don't actually enjoy Bloody Mary's I appreciated the effort. The Bloody Saturday gathering was a casual meet and chat held right across from our spot. It certainly made visiting a little easier for us. The kids played around our spot while people wandered over to say hello to us. 

My favorite part of the day was the Open House from 2-4. Anyone who wanted to participate simply opened their Airstream door for others to walk through. I enjoyed getting a little break and looking into some other Airstreams; several from the 50's, an 80's, a 90's and an early 2000's. I was impressed with how good they all still looked. One of the 50's models had been redone, but kept some of the original elements. I thoroughly enjoy the old-style awnings, but, as I suspected, the owner said they were very time consuming to assemble. The front door was seriously cool, featuring a smaller door within the main door that had a screen behind it. We had several people want to peek into our 30 foot bunk and luckily it was pretty clean so we welcomed them on in. 


Sunday was the send off coffee social. Wear your Pj's! The kids wore their pajamas, layered with jackets and slippers. Graham and Isla were spoiled with donuts and lots of attention. Lowell was along for the party but snuggled up close to me in my Tula. 

Overall, it was a no stress, no fuss, go with the flow event. I really enjoyed being apart of it and hope to return again next year! The event hosted more than 100 Airstreams and raised $1,320.01 for the Friends of Topsail group; meaning all of that money goes directly to Topsail!  

These are the best photos of our people we managed all weekend...

Glacier National Park - Going-to-the-Sun-Road

Glacier National Park - Going-to-the-Sun-Road

Hot Springs NP in Arkansas

Hot Springs NP in Arkansas