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Canopener Rally 2018

We finally attended an Airstream rally! After 18mths fulltime living in a Airstream we managed to hook up with dozens of other Airstreamers at the 2018 Canopener Rally at Topsail Hill Preserve State Park in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida! Topsail is one of the best state parks in Florida! Our spot was full hook-up and HUGE. If you don't want to spend much time at your spot than you can walk one of the many trails or take a stroll along the 3.5 miles of beach... but back to the rally!  

How to Organize Toys in an Airstream

Airstream Storage Solutions: Toys

TOYS! Let's talk to toys. Here are my Airstream storage solutions for toys...

How to Organize Toys in an Airstream or RV

The 2 main questions that ran through my mind when we first started this journey (in regards to the toys) were what to bring and how to organize them? I of course was also concerned that going from a TON of toys to a few toys would be traumatic, but let me just tell you it wasn't.

Tucson, Arizona with Toddlers

When we left California and landed outside of Tucson, Arizona in the Gilbert Ray Campground is was a huge relief. California had been very busy for us, traffic, money and traffic... constantly. The Tucson area is so special. The fields of saguaro cactus make it a must-see location. Our week included a visit to Old Tucson, Saguaro National Park, the Tucson Botanical Garden, visiting friends and a tour of the Kartchner Caverns. We stayed at Gilbert Ray and also on the army base in Sierra Vista (our friends are in the military.)