Tucson, Arizona with Toddlers

When we left California and landed outside of Tucson, Arizona in the Gilbert Ray Campground is was a huge relief. California had been very busy for us, traffic, money and traffic... constantly. The Tucson area is so special. The fields of saguaro cactus make it a must-see location. Our week included a visit to Old Tucson, Saguaro National Park, the Tucson Botanical Garden, visiting friends and a tour of the Kartchner Caverns. We stayed at Gilbert Ray and also on the army base in Sierra Vista (our friends are in the military.)

What to pack for a toddler on a plane?

What do I pack for my toddler on a plane ride? This question is one I get a lot. Our son didn't take his first flight until after his 3rd birthday but in less than 1 year he has taken 10 flights. We rarely check bags so everything we bring must fit in one roller bag and one personal item bag per person.